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Ever wanted to open a second instance of FileMaker to work on the same file with the Manage Database open in 2 different places so you dont have to open and close each time or simply put you just want to have "another filemaker" App open to develop?


Well if you have develop on a Mac you are in luck, I created a very simple App via AppleScript Editor that just runs a command to open another instance of FileMaker 17 or as many as you may want to have open, the App is open and if you want to take a look just open AppleScript and from there open the App as if you wanted to edit it, there you'll see the code and if you are not running FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 you can just change the version number and save the App then done, place it in you Dock to have it handy but a little far from the other FileMaker icon so you dont get confused and open another instance of FileMaker instead of opening the one already running if there is one.


In case you are curious the command is: open -n /Applications/FileMaker\ Pro\ 17\ Advanced/FileMaker\ Pro\


Pura vida !