FM17 Licensing Facts

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This is a Doc about the new FM17 FUL and Data API Licensing and how things change for existing contracts along with new licensing features. Most of this is very good news. A few threads have gotten so long the good bits of info are getting lost.


  • Any VLA/AVLA that had only FMP seats now gets FMPA and FMS included. No more need for P2P sharing, but still possible. (Super Cool)
  • FUL is not FLT. If you were using the FMS +1 Connection it no longer exists. FLT for 5 users was 5+1 For  a total of 6. With FUL it is just 5.
  • FUL allows a single user to be logged into FMPA and FMGo and WD simultaneously.
  • If you have at least 5 FUL users licensed you can add individual users as needed. (Finally!)
  • If you have an FUL or single licensed copy of FMPA you can connect to any other FMS without disturbing any sort of server license counts. Ignore the admin console gauge. The gauge is always broken.(Nice!)
  • Perpetual licenses still cannot access FMC. It was explained to me that this was a contractual issues with AWS or the FMC vendor.
  • With FUL you get 3 Server installs and one of them can be on FMC. (Annual only for FMC)
  • There is conflicting information between the FM17 EULA and FM Docs on Data API Renewal. It is confirmed to be annual. The EULA is incorrect for perpetual licenses.
  • There is a generous amount of data allotment for the Data API, 24GB/user/year and all the users data is pooled so a single user can use it all.
    • Additional 24GB/year data blocks are available at the following current pricing :
      • Annual: $60 (Corp) / $36 (Edu/NPO)
      • Perpetual initial: $180 (Corp) / $108 (Edu/NPO)
      • Perpetual maintenance: $36 (Corp) / $22 (Edu/NPO)


If you think of any other information that will be useful post it and we will get it added.






The acronyms explained...

VLA: Volume License Agreement

AVLA: Annual Volume License Agreement

FMP: FileMaker Pro

FMPA: FileMaker Pro Advanced

FMS: FileMaker Server

FM17: FileMaker 17

FMGo: FileMaker Go

WD: Web Direct

FMC: FileMaker Cloud

P2P: Peer to Peer

FUL: FileMaker User Licensing

FLT: FileMaker Licensing for Teams

EULA: End User License Agreement

API: Application Programming Interface

GB: Gigabyte

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