Clear and Lock Filemaker DB cache Files Applescript Tool released to fix slow launches

Document created by Vincent_L on Jun 11, 2018
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Filemaker 15 (and later)  introduced a persistent cache mechanism to speed up solution launching times.

But, as shown here, Fix Filemaker 16 Cache getting ultra-slow  instead it can slow down starting time severely, I've seen 15 minutes launching time "thanks" to this "feature" (if you've many records, when starting up, Filemaker will compare the cache file to the actual data which can take a along time).


TSGal, gave the workaround of  clearing the content of the cache file and locking them, forbidding Filemaker to use the cache. This works great, and curiously doesn't seem to slows down other operations (which raises concerns on why we need that cache in the first place).


But that workaround is cumbersome to implement, hence the AppleScript I created (attached).


Obviously this only works on Macs, it goes the the DBCache folder and empties the files there is and lock them.


Please bear in mind that it can only lock the cache of the files that have been already launched, so if you use multiple files, you may need to re-launch this script from time to time, to account for the new file you've opened.


Of course, this is a workaround and FMI absolutely needs to fix that issue, it's still not fixed in 17, show your support here Fix Filemaker 16 Cache getting ultra-slow



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