INT07 - Data Cleansing for Data Managers and Consultants - Molly Connolly

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Molly Connolly (Thorsen Consulting, Inc.)

Session Description

More and more, organizations are using FileMaker as a hub for multiple data sources or even as a front end to other systems. In our role of presenting reliable information from disparate data sources, bad data is part of life. As data managers, this course will give you examples of how to deal with and quickly “scrub” bad data and show you ways to better manage data input. As a consultant, it’s not enough to count on your client to clean up their own data. This session will give you tools to provide your client with a more useful solution with their own, clean data sooner. Data clean-up doesn’t mean data entry. We’ll use a variety of scripts, calculations, and relationships to show you how to whip your data into shape!

What you should know

Basic understanding of FileMaker scripts, calculations and relationships.

Products & Technologies

  • Pro/Advanced

Session Materials

  • Materials are not yet available for this session.

What You Will Learn

  • How to use Go To Related Records to quickly identify good, bad and missing data
  • Key calculations to clean up common data entry errors
  • De-duplicating records of all types
  • Use sub-summary reports to identify bad data