ITG01 - Introduction to the FileMaker Data API - Steve Winter

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Steve Winter (Matatiro Solutions)

Session Description

Accessing data through REST is the current best-practice for data sharing. That’s not always been easy with FileMaker. It is now! In version 16, FileMaker introduced the FileMaker Data API which allows far easier integration of FileMaker with other systems. In this session we’ll start from the beginning, looking at what REST is, why we might be interested in using it, how to configure FileMaker Server, and a custom app that uses the FileMaker Data API. We'll then begin interacting with our data. Finally we’ll take a look at some simple examples of the way the API can be integrated into existing environments.

What you should know

No prior knowledge is assumed. This is a beginner session.

Products & Technologies

  • Server
  • Cloud

Session Materials

What You Will Learn

  • An introduction to REST, how it works, and what GET, POST, PATCH and DELETE are all about
  • Configuration of FileMaker Server and a FileMaker app for access through the REST API
  • Authentication, tokens, global fields and CRUD through the REST API, including tools to aid development
  • Simple examples using the REST API to interact with JavaScript and WordPress
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