TRA03 - Intermediate - Relationships - Cristoffer Ippolite

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Cristoffer Ippolite (iSolutions)

Session Description

This session will explore the concepts behind using the relationship graph to create relationships and queries in your FileMaker apps. Learn how to determine which tables your apps will need and how to evaluate the relationships between those tables. Explore how to leverage relationships and queries in your calculations, layouts and scripts while understanding the most important part of building custom apps: context.

Session Materials

  • Please review the content below BEFORE you attend. If the skill level does not fit or if these topics are not of interest to you, PLEASE use your training day pass to attend a session that fits you better. I took a significant amount of extra time to make sure to set these expectations before you get to the room to make sure no one ends up not getting the wrong content.
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Training Day Intermediate: Relationships

8:30-12:00pm in TEXAS B



    0. Intro / Data Modeling  


        • Why relational?
        • Relational Modeling 
        • What information do I want to manage
        • What tables do I need (Identifying Entities)
        • Plan before you build (blueprint)

    1. Relationships

    8:55am- 9:10am

        • Types of relationships 
        • Diagramming relationships

    2. Many to Many Relationships

    9:10am- 9:25am

        • Why Many to Many are bad 02_01 
        • Join Tables  02_02 
        • How add-on Tables solve Many to Many

    3. Key Fields

    9:25am- 9:35am

        • Primary Keys
        • Foreign Keys

    4. Defining Relationships in the Relationship Graph

    9:35am- 9:55am

        • Adding Tables
        • Adding Keys
        • Creating Relationships

    5. Borrowing from Related Tables

    9:55am- 10:15am

    10:15am-10:30am BREAK



      6. Working with Queries

      10:30am- 10:55am

          • Base Table Relationships vs Query Relationships 06_01  
          • Multiple predicate (query) 06_02  
          • Using operators in matches 06_03  

      7. Relating Child Records to Parents

      10:55am- 11:20am

          • Creating child records through a value list 07_01  
          • Creating child records using relationship options (via portal) 07_02
          • Creating child records using a script  07_03  

      8. Review Examples

      11:20am- 11:55am

      9. Using Relationships (Optional- time permitting)

          • Global Fields to Filter 09_01
          • User-driven Portals 09_02 
          • Relationships navigating in Scripts 09_03
          • Self-Relationships 09_05 



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