URL Schemes for FileMaker Go, App SDK, and Swift

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I've tested all of the Apple and FileMaker URL schemes, and most of the third-party app schemes (for the apps/services I have). URL schemes can/and sometimes do change, so this list will be updated as needed. If you see something wrong, send me a message. This isn't meant to be an exhaustive list. The aim is to maintain a list of widely used/common apps for reference, for Go and FIAS developers.


How to use: In any FileMaker Go or FIAS app, add a URL scheme to a simple `Open URL [ ]` script step. The corresponding app, if present on device, will launch. All of these will work with no parameters if you simply want to open an app to no particular destination. Others can take a variety of parameters. I've included a few that I use regularly.





Apple Music     — music://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/albums/<albumID>

                – music://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/artists/<artistID>


Apple News      — applenews://

App Store       — itms-apps://itunes.apple.com/app/<appID>

Apple TV        — videos://

Calendar        — calshow://

Calendar (Add)  — webcal://<calendarURL>

Contacts        — (no scheme or API available outside of Swift)

iBooks          — ibooks:// or itms-books://

iTunes Remote   — remote://

Maps            — map:// or maps://

Mail            — message:// or mailto://


Messages        — sms://<1234567890>   (digits only, ex. sms://8885551212)

                – sms://<1234567890>&body=<hello>


Notes           — mobilenotes://

Phone           — tel://<1234567890>   (digits only)

Photos          — photos-redirect://

Reminders       — x-apple-reminder://

Safari          — http:// or https://   (Swift and FIAS only, Go apps will present a web viewer)

Safari (FTP)    — ftp://

Settings        – App-prefs://   (case sensitive!)

Wallet          — shoebox://




Airbnb          - airbnb://rooms/<listingID>  (can an Airbnb user confirm this, please?)


Facebook        — fb://profile?id=<pageID>    (numeric *page* ID, can't open personal profiles)

                – fb://event?id=<eventID>     (numeric event ID)


Gmail           — googlegmail://

Google          — google://

Google Calendar — googlecalendar://

Google Docs     — googledocs://

Google Chrome   — googlechrome://

Google Drive    — googledrive://

Google Maps     — googlemaps://

Google Photos   — googlephotos://

Google Voice    — googlevoice://

Instagram       — instagram://user?username=<userID>

Messenger       — fb-messenger://

Netflix         — nflx://

PayPal          — paypal://

Pinterest       — pinterest://

Signal          — sgnl://

Skype           — skype://

Snapchat        — snapchat://


Spotify         — spotify://spotify:album:<albumID>

                – spotify://spotify:artist:<artistID>


Square          – square-register://

Tumblr          – tumblr://

Twitter         — twitter://user?screen_name=<userID>

TweetBot        — tweetbot://

Waze            — waze://

WhatsApp        — whatsapp://

YouTube         – youtube://watch?v=<videoID>




fmp: //<hostName>/<fileName>   // .fmp12 not required

fmp: //<user>:<pass>@<hostName>/<fileName>   // user:pass

fmp: //<hostName>/<fileName>?script=<scriptName>&param=<parameter>     // parameter

fmp: //<hostName>/<fileName>?script=<scriptName>&variable=<variable>   // variable

fmp: //~/<fileName>   // an unopened file, from ~/Documents

fmp: //$/<fileName>   // currently open file

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