Art Con v9.3: iOS + Data API

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A bunch of Swift related stuff now resides at GitHub for anyone who wants to nerd out.

GitHub - starsite/SwiftFM: A service class for Swift 4.2 to work with the FileMaker Data API


:: Xcode, Swift, CloudKit, CoreData, FileMaker Data API ::

Art Con 9.3 uses the FileMaker Data API to drive the Playlist ViewController, furthest to the right. Previously that data was being fetched from CloudKit (like everything else). Now those 150+ albums are fetched from a FileMaker 17 Server. In-app playback is handled with Apple's MusicKit API.


This change to the backend is a test to see how reliable the Data API is on a production Swift (iOS) app with a 900+ user base. If it proves to be reliable and responsive at scale, I may move other parts of the app from CloudKit to FileMaker. We shall see.


Art Con is available in the App Store store (iOS 10+). Download it here: Art Con on the App Store



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