Art Con v10.4: iOS + Data API

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:: Xcode, Swift, CloudKit, CoreData, Amazon S3, FileMaker Data API ::


The Art Con app (iOS 11+) uses the FileMaker Data API to drive the Playlist ViewController, furthest to the right. Previously, that data was being fetched from Apple's CloudKit, like the rest of the app. Now, record data for those 169 albums is fetched from a FileMaker Server. In-app playback is handled with Apple's MusicKit API.


I began experimenting with the FileMaker Data API a few months ago. My Art Con app has 1,100 users, and I'm happy to report that so far the Data API has proven itself reliable and responsive. Based on that, I'll be looking at other parts of the app to mirgrate to the Data API. Earlier versions of the Art Con app required exporting data from FileMaker (.tab) and importing to CloudKit. I had the process highly automated, so it wasn't that big of a dea to export/import. Maybe 90 seconds, start to finish. But it's not really ideal, moving perfectly good data someplace else, just to drive an iOS app. Having the Data API means I won't have to do that anymore , certainly not for smaller projects.


As to constructing the Data API calls in Xcode, I wrote a service class/wrapper to make that easier. Feel free to use it in your projects.

GitHub - starsite/SwiftFM: A service class for Swift 4.2 to work with the FileMaker Data API


Art Con is available at the App Store. Download it here:



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