For goodness sake clean up the interfaces

Document created by RoelfW on Sep 21, 2018
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I have been using Filemaker for years

and it is clear that there are lots of inconsistencies in the various dialogues that developers use

Things get done in different ways in the Manage database dialogue boxes from the specifiy field dialogue boxes etc

at least on the PC version


for goodness sake, you think that an organization pushing out an app for productivity

would pay a little attention to helping its developers be more productive


One of the ones that especially bugs me is the Specify Field dialogue box


Where are the options to resort the field names that are now available in the Field Picker and other similar dialogue boxes


I am using Specify Field all the time and am constantly frustrated by the lack of "consistency" in this - I feel like this poor dialogue box is the totally neglected by Filemaker developers.


After years of managing systems developers and programmers, I consider this lack of consistency in implementing improvements to all relevant places a lack of paying attention to the details