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The FileMaker Web Viewer object is as powerful as it is exasperating. There's a lot to know when using it. Many people have a lot of knowledge about the object. There's countless blog posts, example files, and even answers here in the forums with nuggets of information.


This document provides the community with a single source of information about the web viewer. It's not an exhaustive list; indeed, anyone can add to, edit, or remove information.


As you can see below, we've got it set up in a table format with a few important columns. To me, the most important is the source; From where did this information come? The second-most important is the date of the post or answer. Things change as we know, and some of this may not be relevant in future versions.


The document has been started. I'll be adding more in the coming days.


Please feel free to edit this document as you see fit and try to fill in as many of the columns as possible. If you disagree with something or find it no longer relevant, please indicate that in the "Notes" column and we can take up a discussion.


FYI: the attachment below shows the original information I collected, and is a pretty good use of the web viewer and DataTables.


About the table:

  • Use the following for types: Issue / Fact / Example
  • The columns are sortable. Click on a header to sort.
  • Copy the url into the source column so that it becomes active.

Notes / Additional Info

You can use single quotes instead of double quotes (to avoid the escaping issue in the calc dialog)

Use single quotes for HTML attributes in FileMaker... | F ’n’ web – FileMaker ’n’ the web: lessons learned

Fact / IssueWeb viewers do not hold cookies for logging in between sessionsWeb Viewer not Holding Sessions in FMP162018

Web viewers will prevent a popover from rendering on top of it in Windows OS

Objects Over Web Viewers | from Developers at Soliant Consulting

2014I believe FIleMaker 17 has gotten smarter in this. Need to test.
FactWhenever the web viewer is given new code or data, it refreshes. The screen blanks out for a second as the web viewer reloads

Web viewer does not zoom in as the window zooms in on Windows

Web Viewer Fails to Zoom to Match Window Zoom2018FMI testing is aware of this.
IssueScraping the web viewer using GetLayoutObjectAttribute() fails sometimes

IssueIt's tough to print Web viewers. Google Charts

Google Charts not printing in FileMaker 16


Image getting cut off (base64 being clipped)

Issue with Base64Decode - FileMaker 16 on MacOS and FMGo 16 iPad


How the Web Viewer feature caches and reloads web pages



Drag & Drop into web viewer doesn't work starting in FileMaker 16

There is a memory leak issue with Web Viewers in windows

How to solve webviewer memory leak?2014

In FileMaker 16, you cannot copy a web viewer (the contents) after going to the object and then using Copy Command

Copy command fails on webviewer2017

Web viewers can be displayed in WebDirect

FileMaker WebDirect: How to Display Complex FileMaker Web Viewers2017
ExamplePivot TableHow to Build A Pivot Table in FileMaker - A Developer's Guide
ExampleWeb Viewer LibraryWeb Viewer Integrations Library - Soliant Consulting2016

Parameters from web viewer can be passed to FileMaker in WebDirect

Extending WebDirect: URL Parameters | Soliant Consulting2015

Web viewers need to be activated before interaction can happen.


The web viewer itself must be clicked on before animations or other effects can happen. This is often an issue with the web viewer. The only way to deal with this is to go to the web viewer object on layout enter.


Web viewers use Safari on macOs and Internet Explorer 11 on Windows


Can't place a web viewer in a portal.


the FMP Protocol has a limit to the # of characters (2083 ) in Windows

Communicating with a Web Viewer in FileMaker – beezwax > blog2015

In versions prior to 15, you need the "data:text/html," prefix. 15 and higher, you don't need it

KB "Displaying HTML in a Web Viewer"


The web viewer object will not respect the object's transparency


To scrape the web viewer: GetLayoutObjectAttribute(“webviewer name”, “content”)


FileMaker 16 and higher no longer supports printing web viewer content on Mac.

The FMP protocol functionality has changed from 12 to 13 and then again in 15.

FileMaker 13 added the ability to call the fmp protocol from external apps.


FMP URL Scheme and the 13.0v2 Improvement - iSolutions

FactThe web viewer can be used as a (faster) calc engine
FactA lot of information about the web viewer and using it in an advanced wayWebViewers, Javascript and FileMaker: Enhanced integration possibilities via WebWorkers2014
IssueGetAsCSS() of a field render fairly well in web viewer. GetAsSVG() of a field does not.


GetAsSVG does not produce valid XML let alone valid SVG

The xhtml is an improvement, but these two are not quite there...
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