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The Central Ohio FileMaker User Group (COFMUG) is a user group established in 2003 for users and developers in the central Ohio area that use the FileMaker platform. Prior to the founding of COFMUG, the closest user groups to Ohio for FileMaker were located in Chicago, New York and Washington DC. There is no membership fee, and all presenters and organization is done by the hard work of volunteers.


The group was conceived in October of 2002 by Interactive Ink and The Computer Workshop. The first meeting took place in February of 2003 and met regularly once per quarter. There was a brief pause from 2009-2011 before the COFMUG group was rebooted with the assistance of Dave Ramsey and Mike Beargie. The reboot starting with a presentation of the FileMaker 11 platform by Bill Kaiser of FileMaker Inc. to a group of more than 40 users and developers.


During 2011-2012, COFMUG found a meeting home at the Highlights for Children office thanks to the help of Tom Lewis. In 2013 through early 2014, COFMUG met regularly at the Dublin Technology Center, courtesy of Kevin Becker of Dublin City Schools.


Between the fall of 2014 and June of 2016, we met at the Columbus Idea Foundry. Construction at the foundry required us to relocate to The Smokehouse Brewing Company just west of downtown Columbus. We have now returned to the Columbus Idea Foundry as our regular meeting location.


COFMUG focuses on:

  • Education of developers and users of FileMaker to further their knowledge.
  • Inviting and introducing new users to the FileMaker platform.
  • Sharing resources, examples and development success stories.
  • Presenting guest speakers and industry experts from the worldwide FileMaker community.
  • Group brainstorming and problem solving.


COFMUG traditionally meets on the third Thursday of every month from 6-8pm. Our meetings take place at the Columbus Idea Foundry, 421 W. State St. Columbus, OH 43215.


We are always open to new members, and are always looking for FileMaker speakers and topics for our meetings. Please post here in our community space or get in touch with mikebeargie if you are interested