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Happy Holidays, all you groovy developers!

DIGFM's 2018 year is coming to a productive close, and we have a lot to look forward in 2019.


December 13 at 2PM PST, in Santa Clara, California and online:

316.pngVince Menanno will be sharing what sounds like two messages of holiday cheer and end-of-year introspection: "Being an Optimist in a Pessimistic World" and "Inspector", but rest assured, they are presentations that will make A Wonderful Life out of your FileMaker development. Follow this link to RSVP, for further details, and to begin discussion of these topics:velocimeter-99391bf8dc23112ce69976cc4ce13b174d44dc70bb448130d1ae368ecbeb96dd.png
DIGFM: Being an Optimist in a Pessimistic World! +Inspector 7.0 (12/13/2018; Santa Clara, CA)


It's a Wonderful Lineup starting off 2019 as well:


  • January: Kevin Miller reprises his role as the King of Scots, in the sequel to a programming language blockbuster, Leveraging LiveCode II.

  • February: Tony White, will broadcast to us "live from New York City", on Valentine's Day—probably something to "Deepen your relationship... with the FileMaker Platform".



Speaking of lineups, here's as thorough a FileMaker user group lineup as you'll ever see, going all the way back to 2008: DIGFM Presentation History


Also for 2019, if you got on our mailing list with an RSVP, I'll be updating and customizing our mailings with 360Works' FileMaker Email Plugin. If you have any suggestions how to make best use of this plugin, please let me know.


By the way, DIGFM now has a DIGFM YouTube Channel—partly out of necessity since the Community Roadmap warns us to stop storing video directly in the FileMaker Community. It's the first time I ever set one of these up. So let me know if you have helpful (and simple) hints to improve the channel and its videos. I've already built a FileMaker Pro Advanced app called YouTube Topic-Timestamp Tagger (YTTTT), to help us take advantage of YouTube's timestamp links and auto-generated subtitle transcripts. Check it out.


And finally, as you're relaxing during your vacation—contemplating Peace and Goodwill—feel free to engage in our Meme War for the Holidaze, 2018.


Peace and Goodwill to you all,



DIGFM Presentation History

Posted by eric Nov 29, 2018

In the beginning, before there was DevCon (but only slightly before—so the legend goes), there was DIGFM, the Developer Innovation Group in FileMaker (previously the Database Interest Group for FileMaker). Prehistoric by definition, we have no details of what presentations occurred in those early years, but from the dawn of DIGFM history, our meetings and presentations archives are relatively extensive. Behold, the Ancient Annals of DIGFM, topping with the 2019 New Year, we go back, back through time since I first began keeping records over a decade ago.


This Jive table is sortable by clicking headers.

Date & TimePresenterTitle > Details
2019.01.10 1400

Kevin Miller (LCLtd)

Leveraging LiveCode II
2018.12.13 1400

Vincenzo Menanno (vince.menanno)

Being an Optimist in a Pessimistic World!
2018.12.13 1400

Vincenzo Menanno (vince.menanno)

InspectorPro 7.0
2018.11.08 1400

Wim Decorte (wimdecorte)

All Things FileMaker Server: Performance, Tuning, Troubleshooting, API, IoT...
2018.10.11 1900

Jeremy Brown (jbrown)

WIP Power Tools, Frameworks, and Techniques
2018.09.13 1900

Richard Carlton (richardcarlton)

DevCon 2018 Roundup
2018.08.09 1900

No Speaker

No Meeting—Go to DevCon
2018.07.12 1900

Ernest Koe (proofgroup)

Party Down at School with 34 Proof
2018.06.14 1900

Speaker TBD

Get to Know the FileMaker 17 Platform
2018.05.10 1900

Kevin Frank (KevinFrank)

Virtual List on Steroids
2018.04.12 1900

Lui de la Parra (LuiDeLaParra)

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love The Blob
2018.03.08 1900

Mark Scott (mark_scott)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Minimizing Code Duplication through Modular Design
2018.02.08 1900

Matt Klein (Matt_Klein)

WebDirect Compatible, Dynamic, and Portable Custom Dialogs
2018.01.11 1900

Ken d’Oronzio (kdoronzio)

FileMaker + Zapier = Simple but Intense Automation
2018.01.11 1700

Vincenzo Menanno (vince.menanno)

InspectorPro Workshop
2017.12.14 1900

Eric Matthews (eric)

The 2.6 Million Dollar Dev
2017.11.09 1900

Simon Brown (SimonBrown)

New FileMaker Cloud Admin API
2017.10.12 1900

Kevin Miller (LCLtd)

Leveraging LiveCode
2017.09.14 1900

Jesse Barnum (jbarnum)

Plugged-In and Up-to-Date
2017.08.10 1900

Richard Carlton (richardcarlton)

DevCon 2017 Roundup
2017.07.13 1900

Mark Scott (mark_scott)

2017.06.08 1900

Vincenzo Menanno (vince.menanno)

3 Topics: Exploring Innovation with FileMaker 16 and beyond; Perform Script on Server (PSoS) Logging; Tableau Integration
2017.05.11 1900

Ryan Manook (rmanook)

Meet FileMaker 16!
2017.04.13 1900

Simon Brown (SimonBrown)

Working With cURL
2017.03.09 1900

Jeremy Brown (jbrown)

Introducing the Web Viewer Integrations Library
2017.02.09 1900

DIGFM Members

Q&A / Show&Tell: Top Call Logging
2017.01.12 1900

Ken d’Oronzio (kdoronzio)

soSIMPLE Calendar
2016.12.08 1900

Chris Irvine (Chris-Irvine)

Trippin’ on ACID
2016.11.10 1900

Phil Caulkins (PhilModJunk)

How Brittle Is Your Database?
2016.10.13 1900

Rosemary Tietge (RosemaryTietge)

Introducing FileMaker Cloud!
2016.09.08 1900

Vincenzo Menanno (vince.menanno)

Collaboration, Performance, and Insight with InspectorPro
2016.08.11 1900

Nicolas Hunter (nickhuntersf)

Design Principles
2016.07.14 1900

Keith Proctor (KeithProctor)

Go, Server, Go!
2016.06.09 1900

DIGFM Members

2016.05.12 1900

Ryan Manook (rmanook)

FileMaker 15!
2016.04.14 1900

Ross Mackintosh (datamate)

Utilizing FMP URL to manage large data sets
2016.03.10 1900

DIGFM Members

Q&A / Show&Tell
2016.02.11 1900

Richard Carlton (richardcarlton)

2016.01.14 1900

Vincenzo Menanno (vince.menanno)

Perform Script on Server (PSoS), Logging & Auditing
2015.12.10 1900

Clay Maeckel (cmaeckel)

Under the Hood: The Draco Engine & The Latest From Vegas
2015.11.12 1900

Steve Senft-Herrera (steve_ssh)

Using JavaScript to Generate Custom .XLSX Output on OS X
2015.11.12 1900

Ryan Simms

It’s Possible… In the Land of Web Viewers
2015.10.08 1900

Jason Erickson (jerickson)

SyncServer Pro
2015.09.10 1900

Kevin Frank (KevinFrank)

Tips ‘n’ Tricks++
2015.08.13 1900

DIGFM Members

FileMaker DevCon 2015 Recap
2015.07.09 1845

Brian Schick (brianbee)

DevCon Previews
2015.06.11 1900

DIGFM Members

Open Session: Homegrown Utilities
2015.05.14 1900

Rosemary Tietge (RosemaryTietge)

Introducing What’s New with FileMaker 14
2015.04.09 1900

DIGFM Members

Share and Learn
2015.03.12 1900

Todd Geist (toddgeist)

Selector Connector, etc.
2015.02.12 1900

Richard Carlton (richardcarlton)

Modifying a CRM Starter Solution: FM Starting Point
2015.01.08 1900

DIGFM Members

Start the New Year with a Starter Solution!
2014.12.11 1900

No Speaker

2014.11.13 1900

DIGFM Members

Every Problem Has a Solution!
2014.10.09 1900

Darren Terry (DarrenTerry)

Shaking the Dependency Tree
2014.09.11 1900

Vincenzo Menanno (vince.menanno)

Designing for Performance: Vince Menanno, Beezwax
2014.08.14 1900

DevCon Attendees

FileMaker DevCon 2014 Recap
2014.07.10 1900

Nicolas Hunter (nickhuntersf)

Build iOS Solutions Using FileMaker Pro 13
2014.06.12 1900

Jeremy Bante (jbante)

Location In Depth
2014.05.08 1900

Chris Irvine (Chris-Irvine)

Best Practices
2014.04.10 1900

Vincenzo Menanno (vince.menanno)

FM Performance Gains Plus InspectorPro
2014.03.13 1900

Steve Hanna

Making friends with ExecuteSQL
2014.02.13 1900

Nicolas Hunter (nickhuntersf)

Web Direct
2013.12.12 1900

Phil Smith

Product Briefing
2013.11.14 1900

Matt Navarre (appworks)

Applying Web Methods to FileMaker
2013.10.10 1900

Jason Erickson (jerickson)

SyncDeK2Go and Web Viewer Tips To-Go
2013.09.12 1900

DevCon Attendees

DevCon Roundup
2013.07.11 1900

Matthew O'Dell (matthew_odell)

FileMaker Go Sync Strategies
2013.06.13 1900Cancelled
2013.05.09 1900

Karstyn  McCoy (Karstyn)

FileMaker Tips/Tricks and Tidbits
2013.04.11 1900

Brian Schick (brianbee)

Introducing "@" : SQL Sugar
2013.02.21 1900

Andrew Paulsen (apaulsen)

Under the Hood of FileMaker Pro 12 Layouts
2012.12.13 1900

No Speaker

No Meeting This Month
2012.11.08 1900

Jesse Barnum (jbarnum)

Sam Barnum

Implementing bidirectional sync for FileMaker Go and Pro
2012.11.08 1900

Jesse Barnum (jbarnum)

Implementing bidirectional sync for FileMaker Go and Pro
2012.10.11 1900

Wendy King (Studiotozzi)

Making Videos to Market your FM Solution
2012.09.13 1900

John Sindelar (JohnSindelar)

Seeding New Developments for Developers
2012.08.09 1900

DevCon Attendees

DevCon Roundup
2012.07.12 1900Cancelled, DevCon
2012.06.07 1900

Bob Bowers (bbowers)

Reporting Tools & Techniques
2012.05.17 1900

Vincenzo Menanno (vince.menanno)

Tools, Tips and Tales of development with FileMaker 12
2012.04.12 1900

Phil Smith

New with FileMaker 12!
2012.03.08 1900

Nicolas Hunter (nickhuntersf)

DevCon; Building Apps in FileMaker
2012.03.08 1900

David Simerly

DevCon; Building Apps in FileMaker
2012.02.23 1900

No Speaker

Meetings Now on 2nd Thursday of the Month.
2012.01.26 1900

Jason Erickson (jerickson)

WorldSync: Audit Logging, Backup & Restore
2011.10.27 1900

Jason Thomas (SkeletonKey)

Managing Sales & Services
2011.09.29 1900

Martha Zink (marthazink)

Ideas For Enhancing Your Existing Solution with the Latest Features
2011.08.25 1900

DevCon Attendees

DevCon Roundup
2011.07.28 1900

Court Bowman (ClevelandConsulting)

CC Pivot & Other Jump Starts
2011.06.23 1900

John Sindelar (JohnSindelar)

Synchronizing Databases with GoZync
2011.05.26 1900

Michael Gaslowitz (mgaslowitz)

360Works DocuBin
2011.04.28 1900

Eric Matthews (eric)

In-House Utilities & Speed-Developer Challenge
2011.02.24 1900

Pause on Error Participants

Pause On Error - What is it, Why do you want to know?
2011.01.27 1900

Speaker TBD

Members Show and Tell
2010.10.28 1900

Kevin Frank (KevinFrank)

A developer's grab bag of tips and tricks
2010.09.30 1900

Keith LaRochelle (KeithLarochelle)

Something for Everyone!  Integrate FileMaker with Popular Third Party Applications, Solutions and Hardware Devices
2010.09.30 1900

Marc LaRochelle (MarcLarochelle)

Something for Everyone!  Integrate FileMaker with Popular Third Party Applications, Solutions and Hardware Devices
2010.08.26 1900Cancelled
2010.07.29 1900

Todd Geist (toddgeist)

SeedCode Calendar Overview, Integration and Zulu Calendar
2010.06.24 1900

Lee  Lukehart (LeeLukehart)

Lee Lukehart, Savvy Data
2010.05.27 1900

No Speaker

No Meeting
2010.04.29 1900

Vincenzo Menanno (vince.menanno)

Vince Mennano, FMNexus
2010.03.25 1900

Alexei Folger (AlexeiFolger)

Latest Developments & Announcements from FMI
2010.02.25 1900

Angelo Luchi (foxtailtech)

FileMaker Application Deployment
2010.01.28 1900

Jason Young

Optimal Speed
2009.11.19 1900

Don Levan (DonLevan)

Small Things Loosely Joined: Improving FileMaker Development by Applying Best Practices
2009.10.29 1900

David Simpson (dsimpson_dcsi)

FmPro Migrator Developer: Migrating Access to FileMaker
2009.09.24 1900

Scott Newton

Practical Uses for FM Dataguard
2009.08.27 1900

DevCon Attendees

DevCon Recap
2009.07.30 1900

David Simpson (dsimpson_dcsi)

ScreenSteps talk
2009.07.30 1900

Eric Matthews (eric)

FileMaker Tips from the Public Sector / The Best Uses of Your California Tax Dollars
2009.06.25 1900

Jonn Howell (dataexperience)

The Hybrid Session Model and Transactional Data Entry in FileMaker
2009.05.28 1900

Ernest Koe (proofgroup)

fmSpark/NinjaCal Roadshow: Proof's mail-merge solution, fmSpark and their latest must-have for FileMaker developers
2009.04.30 1900

Rick Aguirre

Advanced Development Techniques - Audience Picks
2009.03.26 1900

Jesse Barnum (jbarnum)

Cool Things You Can't Do in FileMaker—Unless You Have the Right Plugin!
2009.02.26 1900

Matt Navarre (appworks)

FileMaker Search
2009.01.29 1900

Alexei Folger (AlexeiFolger)

FileMaker 10
2008.10.30 1830

Alexei Folger (AlexeiFolger)

FileMaker 9s external SQL source feature (ESS)
2008.09.25 1900

David Simpson (dsimpson_dcsi)

FmPro Migrator & Rapid Development Techniques
2008.08.28 1930

Richard Carlton (richardcarlton)

SuperContainer Plug-in for FileMaker Pro
2008.07.31 1900

Alexei Folger (AlexeiFolger)

FileMaker Pro Advanced - under the hood
2008.06.26 1900

Scott Love (

A Flex Primer for FileMaker Developers
2008.05.29 1830

Vincenzo Menanno (vince.menanno)

Web Services, Inspector 2.0, and the SESSION model
2008.04.24 1830

John Sindelar (JohnSindelar)

[No Title]
2008.02.28 1900

Darren Terry (DarrenTerry)

Advanced Tips and Tricks in FileMaker

Veterans Day 2018 (US)

Posted by eric Nov 11, 2018

Innovative Veterans Day to all you soldiers in the Community and to your loved ones who served.

I did not serve, but I am grateful to those who have, and I'm sorry to say I don't even know which if any of you have.


Seems like a suitable day (November 11, observed 12), to commemorate with FileMaker projects (current and throughout history) that have served veterans in return. Below are a few I found.


Operation Comfort Case Study - Soliant Consulting

Operation Comfort site

CUS02 - FileMaker in Action: Non Profit Case Studies Presented by makah @8m42s


National Association of Atomic Veterans Medical Survey

In 1992 the National Commander and NAAV Board Chairman collected medical survey forms in FileMaker II and then FileMaker Pro.


San José State University's Office of Military and Veteran Student Services tracks their veteran students with FileMaker. (Nothing fancy, though)

Looks like University of Idaho does the same: FMP 12

And CSU Bakersfield: Job Post Print


Interesting (neutral) mentions by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs:


If you know of other veteran or military innovation projects in FileMaker, please add them below in response.

Welcome, soldiers, to the First Annual FileMaker Community Meme War for the Holidays.


declare-a-meme-war-memagonerator-net-XVufu.jpgWhereas FMI has called for a unilateral ceasefire on the IWH front till January, 2019, and yet Hype forces continue their attacks on Innovative Development.

Whereas meme warfare has proven to be a fair and effective tactic against Hype, if not more so than conventional advertising.

Whereas the 2018 holiday season is beginning this November of 2018. Therefore be it

Resolved by the People’s Militia of The FileMaker Community,

That the state of war against our mercenary and citizen developers with the Imperial forces of Hype which has thus been thrust upon developers and workplaces alike is hereby formally declared; and the People’s Militia of the FileMaker Community are hereby authorized and directed to employ the entire image and animated forces of the Internet and the resources of the Community to carry on war against the Imperial Forces of Hype, until such time as FMI resumes strategic operations on the IWH front after the holiday season.


images.jpegI will initiate the first volley in the hope that others better armed will follow suit. Please feel free to vote for your favorites with Like or with Helpful if you would actually share the meme to make a point. By the way, if you add a little descriptive text to your meme post, it makes it searchable and thus more readily reusable.


In addition to standard civilian meme resources, I think images and short clips from the “Innovation Without the Hype” series could make some useful memes on any topic related to FileMaker, workplace innovation, custom app development, databases, and other related topics. If you liked FileMaker’s “Innovation Without the Hype” video series, here’s your chance to do homage. If you didn’t like the video series, here’s your chance to do better.


Let’s see whether this community meme mobilization turns out to be a mere skirmish or total war.

Keep it clean and, please, no purposeful friendly fire.

Some of you are familiar with my previous peculiar preoccupation in points and levels in the FileMaker Community. And some even tried to warn me how pointless it was to dwell on them. But I didn't listen. So when I achieved what I thought was the final hurdle of a several-years-long pilgrimage, progressing through fourteen levels and 10000 points to the peak of personal promotion, to what did I lift up my head and see?

Nothing. Nothing but a vast void spanning 15000 more points stretching all the way to 25000 before I would ever see another new level again.


What the heck? Curse you, Chart Champions!

I hung my head in despair—dreary, depressed, despondent. What was the point of being nice to all those people? So they would Like me? Why was I answering all those questions and trying to compose meaningful content? Vanity of vanities; all is vanity. What profit hath I of all my labour which I taketh under the screen?


And then suddenly it dawned on me.

It's not about the points.

It's not about the levels.

It all about the ranking!

That's right. Nothing means more in life than comparing myself to everyone else to see how they all measure up against me.


So as you can see in the screenshot below, the FileMaker Community system, after several years, has finally computed the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything: It's 42.

Meaning of Life blur.png

Now that I know my place in the universe, I am at peace with myself. No need for anyone to Like me. No need to answer all those meaningless questions. No need to produce meaningful content. I've got all the meaning I need right here.

You know you've been working with FileMaker Server too long

when you see a marquee lit up with "GHOST"

and your first thought is,

"What's a G-Host?"