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FileMaker Developer Challenge 2016

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Hi Everyone i have a stupid question but please if someone can help me i am creating a sales and inventory management system in which i have 7 tables purchase, product, balance , sale,exchange, return to company, expense .The 6 tables are linked through their IDs with 1 main table "balance". i have used portal tools on different layouts but all… (Show more)
Solicito por favor colaboración, algún vídeo o algo, para la creación de gráficas un poco más complejas que las que nos muestra el asistente en filemaker   gracias
Does anyone have a description of how the Resource Scheduling (Starter Solution) is intended to work?   I'm interested in understanding it, so I might be able to modify it to accomplish my task.   I want an application that would allow me to identify resources such as people, equipment, rooms, etc.- by date and time; Ability to view resources… (Show more)
I'm new to filemaker and I have created a database of products that we normally email to our supplier as an order.I have created a button and want to run a script where by pressing the button it will email a pdf format of the file as an order. I created a script already where I have entered an email address where to sent it to but how too I add I… (Show more)
Estamos enfrentando muitos problemas na execução do FileMaker Pro.exe, versão: A conexão do usuário e fechada e o log tem a seguinte mensagem: Aplicativo: FileMaker Pro.exe Versão do Framework: v4.0.30319 Descrição: O processo foi terminado devido a uma exceção sem tratamento. Informações da Exceção: System.IO.FileLoadException… (Show more)
Is it true that Web Direct does not support Native Printing (click and print)?  WOW!!!  It is 2017 correct?  I just want to make certain I wasn't sucked back into pre-Y2K.  I'd hate to live through that debacle again.   Is there any workarounds out there that I can edit/change the printed PDF output to make it work without having to inconvenience… (Show more)
I fairly new to FileMaker. I just purchase FileMaker cloud 16. T2.Medium instance to test out my FileMaker database, what I have noticed is the FileMaker cloud performance is super slow like it will take for ever to add a picture to the database over LTE. and when I type it will take sold 3-5 sec to word start showing up.   I upload a simple file… (Show more)
Hello All,   I'm trying for WEBDIRECT SINGLE SIGN ON (SSO) using FMS16.   Is that possible?   Kindly help me on this.   Thanks & Regards, Raja
How to calculate the total of specific records in one database? For example :   Condition Total High 26 Low 100   I want to display the total of condition = High in the layout. I am using filemaker pro 8. Thanks in advance.
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