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FileMaker Developer Challenge 2016

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I fairly new to FileMaker. I just purchase FileMaker cloud 16. T2.Medium instance to test out my FileMaker database, what I have noticed is the FileMaker cloud performance is super slow like it will take for ever to add a picture to the database over LTE. and when I type it will take sold 3-5 sec to word start showing up.   I upload a simple file… (Show more)
How to calculate the total of specific records in one database? For example :   Condition Total High 26 Low 100   I want to display the total of condition = High in the layout. I am using filemaker pro 8. Thanks in advance.
I have a large container with >100 lines of text when printed as a pdf letter.  How do I   #1-print ONLY 40 lines of text on each page  (after that it starts a new page)   #2-make the 40th, 80th, 120th ... line stretch from the left margin completely to the right margin (if I manually hit RETURN ... the spacing between all the words is not… (Show more)
Hello - does anyone know of a site where one can obtain icons for usage in FileMaker Pro databases - basically icons that can be used for buttons, like various check marks, print icons, etc.