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Good afternoon!   Our next meeting will be Tuesday, February 26th at Noon Eastern. Dr Stephanie Mizrahi (smizrahi) will be presenting on her research. Please see below for the instructions to access the meeting.   Thank you to everyone who answered the doodle poll. I will try to find a time next month to accommodate more schedules!   See you… (Show more)
Hello, I have a attached a photo of a catalog picture that I am trying to recreate in Filemaker. I am needing to know how exactly to accomplish this? I am making a product catalog for a music store. We need to print the catalog and it needs to look like this. It ideally needs to have at least 7 across and 9 down; for a total of 63. we could maybe… (Show more)
Future Meetings: 2019.02 - Using Filemaker to Research Public Policy by Stephanie Mizrahi (smizrahi) 2019.03 - TBA 2019.04 - TBA 2019.05 - TBA 2019.06 - TBA 2019.07 - TBA 2019.08 - DevCon Meetup 2019.09 - DevCon Discussion 2019.10 - TBA 2019.11 - No Meeting - Enjoy the Holiday! 2019.12 - No Meeting - Enjoy the Holiday!   Topics for…
Everyone, I would like to assemble a list of presentation topics/presenters that everyone would find interesting for future meetings.  Please list topics below and I'll assemble into a list for future discussions.       Member Presentations - Always open to any of you wishing to present DevCon Review - Group Discussion Workflow Control - Erica… (Show more)
Member Presentations - Always open to any of you wishing to present DevCon Review - Group Discussion Workflow Control - Erica T. User Group Recruiting Methods - Group Discussion DevCon 2020 Panel Proposal   Finding and processing doubles in datasets -Frank - date TBD Selecting, aggregating and presenting normalized data - Beatrice - date TBD…
Hello All:   Here is the Zoom information for our next meeting on January 29. Looking forward to chatting with everyone!   Stephanie Mizrahi is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.   Topic: Using Filemaker for Research Time: Jan 29, 2019 9:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)   Join Zoom Meeting   One… (Show more)
Great presentation by Erica Tamburo on using FM to track MRI imaging and ultimately new treatments for cognitive issues such as Altzheimer's and brain trauma. Also had a good discussion about the benefits of Get UUID.
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Hello All!   We will be having our first meeting of the New Year on January 29th at 12:00 PM EASTERN.    We will be using Zoom for the meeting.  More information to come.   Meeting Agenda: Meet and Greet: 15 min Presentation: Erica Tamburo - Innovating Research Methods in Psychiatry and Neuroimaging - 20 min Discussion: 15 min Future Meeting… (Show more)
In the Any historians around? thread, David CamelCase_data and I briefly addressed extended calendar support. It would indeed be worth the while to enter a product idea. The while of the Using Filemaker for Research User Group to show our interest, but perhaps it is also in FileMaker's interest. It seems (admittedly after not a lot of digging… (Show more)
Hello everyone!   I've been banging my head on a wall for the past week, trying to do something in filemaker and i haven't been able to succeed. So if you guys could give some of your marvelous ideas, it would be awesome! I'm very new to databases so it's probably a simple/stupid problem and I don't know the right terms to search for a solution… (Show more)
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