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[Reproduced from our monthly newsletter]   Spring! (Need we say more?)   We've found that FileMaker people generally fall into two camps: those who have played around with the platform's web technology and found it cumbersome, clunky and hard to get to work well, and those who think they understand it enough, but deign to eschew it because it's… (Show more)
Hello, I have a attached a photo of a catalog picture that I am trying to recreate in Filemaker. I am needing to know how exactly to accomplish this? I am making a product catalog for a music store. We need to print the catalog and it needs to look like this. It ideally needs to have at least 7 across and 9 down; for a total of 63. we could maybe… (Show more)
The specifics of the program are still coming together, but join us at the same FileMaker-time (4th Tuesday) and the same FileMaker-place (Universal Design) for a scintillating discussion of all things FileMaker and related tech.   Date: 2/26 Time: Noon 'til three Location: 1234 S. Third Street, Louisville, KY 40201 Register:… (Show more)
It’s a new year, and amid the current crescendo-ing cacophony of cyber calamities it might be a convenient time to consider our critical content for conservation in case of cracks in our containment.   Brent Hedden attended the recent Pause on Security conference in Chicago, where FileMaker developers explored all things security in relation to… (Show more)
Hey everyone,   Experienced developers will probably think this is a very basic questions but I thank you for your help in advance.   I am setting up a database using the estimates template for our construction company. I am trying to create a portal on the estimates details layout that will have a pop up menu (or drop down list) that will allow… (Show more)
Looking for some possible help with a database. It might be easier for them to come in than to go back and forth though the wires.
We don't have a "page" here, so just check this thread: Bluegrass (KY) FM Meetup - Sat. 10 NOV 2018 I visit the L'ville group every now and then and they've headed my way. The next Kentuckiana FM Dev Group is: Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018 Universal Design 1234 South 3rd Street Louisville, KY 40203 Beverly