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I have a text field that holds a directory listing i.e dbImages/123fgh67d.jpg. I need a script to change the case of the text characters after the "/", but not change the dbImages/.   Any help is appreciated as usual.
FileMaker 17 is here: Pro is dead: long lives Advanced!   Read our blog with all the new features:  
Where should I put .cgi files?   Specifically, I updated from Server 12 to Server 16, which now takes over the web serving functions as well as the database serving functions.  I am serving my FM Pro database using WebDirect.  There is one instance where I need to use a FM script (button) to open a separate browser window with a URL of a .cgi… (Show more)
I'm trying to create an attendance database for billing State Subsidies. Rates change at lease annually, sometimes twice a year. I'd like to have one database to house all attendance records for the children and a second database to house the rates based on a start and end date. The relationship between the two databases would be a rate… (Show more)
I found the solution: Open Control Panel JAVA option Enable Use Helo client format Ready I worked perfect removing the odious cookie message greetings from Colombia
I would like to know if it is possible to have multiple merge fields or contact names in one document, such as a letter?
Hello all, Is there any VB Script to connect to FileMaker? Any help will be very much appreciated!
How can I do a simple script in FMP 16 so that after I click at a particular spot in a field it pastes in the word "DONE" in red? Should be simple but having problems. Thanks.
Hello Friends,   I am pretty new to FileMaker and have developed a database for my company. and have 2 different tables one for costing imports items (which had a direct relationship to import items table and has a portal in costing imports) and another receiving book. I am trying to create a script that will create an entry in the receiving book… (Show more)
I created an application that works 99% on a IPad running FMGO 16. The 1% connects to a hosted server running Server 16.  I have over 1700 iPad deployed in the company.  Each one only connects to the server for 15 seconds on average.  I have 100 concurrent client licenses.  Throughout the day each device will connect only once.  I have set all the… (Show more)
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