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He desarrollado un software para facturación, inventario y cartera el cual puede leer codigo de barras, pero cuando el lector "Symbol Bar Code Scanner" envia el codigo al campo este le agrega un ENTER al final en vez de INTRO. He tratado de utilizar activadores de guión con diferentes eventos pero no logra saltar a la busqueda del articulo. Si… (Show more)
Hello, I have a attached a photo of a catalog picture that I am trying to recreate in Filemaker. I am needing to know how exactly to accomplish this? I am making a product catalog for a music store. We need to print the catalog and it needs to look like this. It ideally needs to have at least 7 across and 9 down; for a total of 63. we could maybe… (Show more)
hello please advise where i can find video training for FM PRO 16 thanks Sam
I am totally a new beginner to it and I have just started my job in a Tech company and they really want me to have command on this tool as soon as possible. If anyone can help me in this regard
Click to view contentI am trying to have a script run through the portal and if the stock counts don't match to put them in single field to see all the ones that don't match before committing count change. Here is what I have so far. From what I can see, the script will set the field with the last record collected and then exit the loop. Any help would be… (Show more)
Trying to get a  Dynamic Portal Sorting to work   Agent Table  ( one record per agent in this table) Open_Saleforce  ( This table contains the agents activities  multi record per agent)   Build a relation between the tables Did the sorting inside the Relationship Insert a Portal inside of the Agent Layout using the records from Open_Saleforce… (Show more)
Hi,   I'm trying to merge to identical complex database into a single one. The records are different but tables, fields, relations etc are the same. Alternatively I could import the records from one database to another. However I don't know how to do it. When I import records I can only import from one table to another, and I need to transfer… (Show more)
I'm coding an application where many people can belong to many organizations; a many-to-many relationship.  However, the people are in one file and the organizations are in another.  According to the "sharing" tabs I have bi-directional sharing and I have set up the relationship diagrams within both files to show the linking table (with the record… (Show more)
I am required to do a performance testing on the FileMaker data APIs and I just want to know if I can use JMeter to do so?