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Hi I started using Ver. I have a old file made ver. 12 or earlier with access privilege set as view only and can enter find mode.  find menu is visible and usable.  Though  I made same privilege in a new file and unable to use find mode unless use a script to go find mode.  find menu is shaded and unusable.  Am I missing something… (Show more)
I have a checkbox field in a table. The field has categories eg red, blue, big, small, heavy.... etc.   When multiple check boxes are selected in a SEARCH on a layout, records are returned which are the AND (intersection of the records). I need to find any record, which has the category field selected, that is the OR (Union) of records. eg if… (Show more)
I would like to control the bar graph colors in Chart Setup. The Color Scheme options are fixed.@
I am new to filemaker charting features....   I am attempting to place a chart on an opening layout (dashboard) in a FM solution. The chart pulls data from tables not in the layout so I am using ExecuteSQL() to get the data. I am running the SQL directly in the chart object calculation on the X and Y axis (X axis is date grouping, Y axis is a… (Show more)
Hey folks,   We're kicking around ideas for presentations for the March 6 meeting at the Apple Store on Walnut Street - but if you have your own ideas for what you would like to see, or would like to conduct a presentation, please let me know!   Colin
i just want to ask that if i try a password many times in filemaker pro advance 12 so after how many attempts the account will be blocked of any damage can cause, is there any damage occurs or not
Hello, I am new to FM and have no data programming experience at all! I have FileMaker Pro 16 and I have managed to create a data base for my rental business. I have most everything set up but am really stuck on writing scripts, even using lessons... I need something that will allow me to know on a given date how many of any one… (Show more)
In keeping with our annual tradition of making predictions (and checking them at year end) here are our predictions for 2018!  As transcribed on sometimes snarky post-it notes from last night's meeting.     Prediction Source Multiple attachments to email J. Linux version of FM Server J. Value Lists in Dialog Boxes J. FM17 will remove more…