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I just want to know how to paste into a repeating field in Filemaker 17.  I have been using FM for many years but not at a deep developer level.
Hi I started using Ver. I have a old file made ver. 12 or earlier with access privilege set as view only and can enter find mode.  find menu is visible and usable.  Though  I made same privilege in a new file and unable to use find mode unless use a script to go find mode.  find menu is shaded and unusable.  Am I missing something… (Show more)
I have a checkbox field in a table. The field has categories eg red, blue, big, small, heavy.... etc.   When multiple check boxes are selected in a SEARCH on a layout, records are returned which are the AND (intersection of the records). I need to find any record, which has the category field selected, that is the OR (Union) of records. eg if… (Show more)
I would like to control the bar graph colors in Chart Setup. The Color Scheme options are fixed.@
I am new to filemaker charting features....   I am attempting to place a chart on an opening layout (dashboard) in a FM solution. The chart pulls data from tables not in the layout so I am using ExecuteSQL() to get the data. I am running the SQL directly in the chart object calculation on the X and Y axis (X axis is date grouping, Y axis is a… (Show more)
Hey folks,   We're kicking around ideas for presentations for the March 6 meeting at the Apple Store on Walnut Street - but if you have your own ideas for what you would like to see, or would like to conduct a presentation, please let me know!   Colin
i just want to ask that if i try a password many times in filemaker pro advance 12 so after how many attempts the account will be blocked of any damage can cause, is there any damage occurs or not