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Need to set instructions in container field to open a contained pdf. Currently only visible in a printout, and at reduced size so not readable./searchable. Client would have to go to  Adobe to open the file held in an accompanying folder. Can it be opened upon being clicked?   Example attached
I am looking for a full time filemaker developer in the toronto area, If anyone is interested please email me your contact information at
このたび、ファイルメーカー17で製作したソリューションが、経済産業省サービス等生産性向上IT導入支援事業費補助金審査委員会による審査の結果を経て、ITツールとして認可されました。   ITツールNo:TL29-0147491 ITツール管理コード:mikasa.fmp12.ver7 ITツール名:~ 印刷業のための見積管理・作業伝票・納品書発行ソリューション ~ 本ツールは、印刷業向けのITツールと判断致します。   「ミカサ」は、見積管理、作業伝票の頭文字から来ています。 書籍「続それはどうやるの?ファイルメーカー 16」の内容を、ソフューリョンにしています。 購入者は、最高限度額50万円の補助金が経済産業省から支給されます。… (Show more)
In order to have a nice login for external people in Webdirect I created a login dialog using a couple global fields. So basically when you hit the url you are taken immediately to the dialog as [Guest] then when you click the login button it uses the information in the Globals to do a relogin.   This works good and looks good, except now my… (Show more)
I made a table layout on FileMaker Pro 16.  When I look at it in preview, all the columns show correctly.  But when I print it, the left half of the first column disappears.  I have tried moving the columns to the right, but the same thing keeps happening.  Any suggestions?
Hi guys Im dealing with some problems regarding with the calculation, for example I had an Invoice and the amount of that invoice is 2.30 multiplied by its quantity 5 so the total will be 11.15 but in my file make Im getting 1,150.00, I tried to set it in Decimal and percentage but it happens the same thing, then i also check my calculations but… (Show more)
Click to view contentI have database where I want validations to be selected by default every time I open my form. Is there any to write script for that. I have attaced image below. I want Allow user to override during data entry and Not empty to be selected by default. It will be great if somebody can help me. Thanks
I purchased 15 license for user connection, i just want to ask if this license will have the possibility to connect/access to my database using web direct?   Please Help!