FM14 Disabling scripts and other missing functionalities

Idea created by contactmip on Jun 29, 2015

    On a user friendly interfacing side...


    - I still do not understand how Filemaker engineers could have designed the FM 14 new script interface with disabling scripts lines only by the menu instead of a quick right-click or on-the-line button action. This is the kind of manipulation you so often have to do. Where is the friendly Apple interface?


    - Why is it that we cannot name buttons in the new button bar tool when we choose the icon display. Very annoying and confusing?


    - Still no auto formatting entry fields such as Phones. These kind of functionalities should now be native ones. Generally speaking, I do think that many "little easy life" components should be added in FM. I mean, Excel - for example - does this from the beginning. And lots of Database competitors as well.


    - A great functionality that would be appreciated combined with the new Button Bar tool and the Layout Parts would be Vertical left/right Layout parts. Bottom one my not be sufficient when devices vertically.


    Last but not least:


    - iphone/ipad tools are now priority subjects to focus on. We need user friendly interfaces much more adapted to these kinds of devices and the is a huge lack and gap. I was really expecting much more from this version.