Better Layer Management

Idea created by PeterDoern on Oct 26, 2015


    By "Layer Management" I mean the ability to control the z-layer of layout elements. I'm picturing a hierarchical list view that would show all elements on screen, including those in groups. Dragging items up and down in the list would bring them forward or backward, respectively. Dragging items into and out of groups would group and ungroup them, respectively. Selecting an item within a group would allow us to tinker with the element's properties without having to ungroup it first.


    As a bonus, this list would also allow us to easily specify the tab order of layout elements.


    I've attached a screen shot of the Layer/element browser of the excellent AutoDesk Graphic (formerly known as Indeeo iDraw) to illustrate the kind of interface I'm talking about.


    Why This Idea is Important To Me/Specific Use Cases:

    Time and again I've grouped elements that have had button actions attached, conditional formatting or "hide when" calculations applied, only to inadvertently group them again, or have to ungroup in order to change one of those attributes. Allowing me to visually drill down in a list view without ungrouping would save a lot of time and hassle.




    EDIT: brought Idea more in-line with FMI structure, as requested.