Modernized Schema Management

Idea created by mark_scott on Oct 26, 2015

    A modernized UI for defining and managing database schema (think "Script Workpace" for schema management). 


    Would have limited (or no) dependence on layers of modal dialogs.  Should consolidate into one workspace:  (1) table and field definition; (2) relationship management (with improved organization tools); (3) value-list management; and (4) privilege-set management* (which should be planned and implemented from early in a solution's development, and tied into schema decisions early on).


    (*Account management should be severed from defining the privilege sets that will eventually be assigned to those accounts.  The new "Use Basic Setup…" option for adding accounts takes a first step toward this; moving privilege sets and other core security decisions into schema management would be a logical next step.)


    Thanks for this new forum!