Better modernized import

Idea created by intex on Oct 26, 2015



    A complete overhaul of the old import dialogue and feature set is necessary. Importing data is one of the most important tasks of working with FileMaker, but 90% of our customers have trouble working with the import dialogue as it is.




    The import dialogue should feature:


    • not showing fields in which you can´t import at all
    • optionally showing field comments so that users know which field is intended to do what
    • error messages that help, not only denying the import
    • saving import and export sets in the dialogues, not only by scripting
    • free choice of field and record separators with preview for import
    • free choice of file name extension - FM´s use of .mer etc. is not common at all
    • instant search for fields
    • a separator in the field list view like in Excel spreadsheets, so that you can see the first and the last fields at once
    • clearer icons and symbols for what fields are mapped
    • import and export for vcal and vcard formats
    • free choice of text encoding like UTF8, UTF16, ANSI, ASCII everywhere
    • the ability to mark the data part in an Excel spreadsheet if this has parts, that are no data to import
    • the ability to import into different tables at once, for example a flat address file into an address and a telephone


    Use cases


    Hopefully obvious - better and stronger features to get data into FileMaker without any fiddling before and after. Probably no solution can work without any import of data.



    P.S. Great that we now have this area in the community - thumbs up. Suggested this months ago.