Ability to create Progress Dialogs

Idea created by vince.menanno on Oct 26, 2015

    Currently the only progress that something is taking some time is some native progress dialogs that FileMaker puts up ... for example when importing, exporting replacing or other operations that take some time.


    However there are scripts that we write that may need to process or loop over thousands of records and there is no native way to keep the user informed on how long the process is going to take.


    The reason I find this an important point is because to build great solutions one needs to keep the user informed as to what the solution is doing. Without adding 3rd party products or rolling our own solution which might make the processing slower - I believe we should have a native built in way to do this.


    If there was a native ability then it might also make sense to add an OnCancel Script Trigger such that if a user cancelled the process then we could do some clean up work.


    This would improve the user experience for users.