Improvements to the relationship graph

Idea created by vince.menanno on Oct 26, 2015

    Currently the relationship graph hasn't had any noticeable improvements since it was introduces in version 7.


    It would be great to visually see how the relationships are filtering out the data between the tables.

    Maybe include options for the type of joins that could be made between tables.


    Also maybe there could be new types of calculations that are defined at the relationship level similar to what we have for filtering portals but in the graph.


    A way to select a basetable and then see a list of all the table occurrences in the graph that use that basetable.


    Could we have options to have tasks like cascading deletes happen on server when possible? This would speed things up dramatically.


    In general its been an area that we use a great deal but little has been done there to improve it.


    Would be great to see some innovation there.