Field Triggers at the Table Level

Idea created by BowdenData on Oct 26, 2015



    I think this is would involve a extending the native ExecuteSQL function to have full functionality (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) instead of just SELECT. The ability to natively trigger an action when a field value changes. This is not tied to any layout or field on a layout. I envision it being similar to the auto-enter calculation field option we have now.


    What it would be used for


    On a regular basis, I have the need to change target fields in other tables when a value changes in a source field. The target fields in other tables must be indexable/stored.


    ExecuteSQL comes into this because I don't want to add overhead to the Relationship Graph. I want to be able to directly target the remote field(s). If we had full SQL functionality, this could be done in the existing auto-enter field option.