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Idea created by Fred(CH) on Oct 27, 2015
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    Principles :

    Allow enduser to activate multiple records in list view using cmd key (CTRL on Windows) and shift key. Then those records virtually* become the new found set for most usage, just for instance : printing, browsing, omit, delete etc...

    *Virtually because the original found set is still visible on screen. But how to differienciate ?

    For appearence, to the body element, we could add a new state to the actual "active" like "part of manual found set" allowing us the visual distingo.

    To change the active record within the "manual foundset", just use the usual Go To Record step or the according arrow button in the toolbar. Warning : you cannot navigate outside the manual found set.

    To cancel this manual foundset, just clic on one of the records on the screen inside or outside the manual founset; then, the original found set which was still visible is not ignored anymore...

    Why ?

    I worked in the past with others database and especially 4D. I think this point is a "killer" one, and especially because it is user-oriented one; i mean, when a user was able to do those ultrafast selections in another system, without any button, just Mac did in 1984, it is almost impossible to to fill this lack actually with FileMaker.

    Okay, i know that some workarounds exist. But :

    You first have to "patch" a lot of commands. Try to summarize all commands and functions actually based upon the found set.

    The layouts building become more complex, adding buttons checkbox and conditional formatting in order to mimic the expected behavior. And multi-windows management mmmhh ? Yeah, you have to code the name of the window, becoming the repetition of a variable, but... Hard life .


    All that multiplied by all solutions and all developers to finally get (or try to) a so common behavior.

    And finally, i am almost sure, a lot of work for half convincing results...

    To me, it is one of the most important leak of FileMaker UI.



    Yes... it is a valid caveat. How to mimick the key "Maj" / "Cmd" with iOS ? Not sure it can be achieved maybe with the new iPhone 6S an the 3D tap ? But even if impossible or not desirable here, it does not mean that it isn't a must have for Desktop apps.