Script Profiler

Idea created by vince.menanno on Oct 27, 2015

    Just like a layout profiler, but one for scripts.


    One idea I had was to have this option be something someone can enable on server for a particular file. And you set the level at which it can log the duration and results of each executed step. Or one could have settings to log all steps, just errors or the duration of each individual script.


    This way you turn it on in development and testing to see where the areas that take up the most time are. Then one can review that log and dig through it to find slow spots or problem steps and address them.


    I know this would slow down the network performance between server and client but it would be a setting that we would enable or disable.


    Maybe have it log to a table and this could be a system table that we could choose to expose by attaching it to a layout or not. Then we could build some analytics against the data.


    If we had some controls over how it would behave then maybe we could also ask the user to type in a message to us as to what they were doing at the time they got the error... or it could log a number of things automatically. What layout, privilege set etc etc... The idea being that we could have one unified place to troll for any scripting errors received by any client... be it WD, Pro, Go, or CWP and XML