Slow Query Log

Idea created by Chris Irvine on Oct 27, 2015

    Performance problems that might occur on a server are almost always caused by a badly defined find criteria and/or badly designed table schema (just like any other database platform). The current server console capabilities and statistics are mostly helpful for decisions on upgrading hardware or to track user connectivity patterns. There is little help to actually identify the source of design problems.


    I would use the information in this log to tune up solutions, improve user experience, and ultimately improve the enterprise scalability of the platform.


    This feature would be configured in the logging section of FileMaker Server. Basically we're looking for a checkbox to "log calls taking longer than ___ seconds".  Additional checkboxes might be "include Call Stack in log entry", "write a snapshot link file", "also write log message on client".


    Basic information for the log entry would be:

    • Timestamp
    • Account Name
    • IP Address
    • Slow Operation ( What can you give us? File, TO, Window Name, script name, layout name, find/read/write)


    Slow operations are not always scripted. Manual operations, such as hand-built find criteria or export records activities should appear on the slow query log.