Multi-Select Records in List View

Idea created by vince.menanno on Oct 28, 2015

    In every single application there is this concept of shift or command select.


    Its a common pattern... lets say you have a folder full of files and you spot 10 discontinuous files that you want to remove out of the 30 total files. If there were lets say the first 10 - select the first one then hold the shift key down then select the last one. Now you have 10 selected items that you can control click to move them to the trash or simply click and drag them to the trash.


    Same exact concept in excel.


    Same exact thing in pretty much any application or web application for that matter.


    Why not in FileMaker. I have seen it time and time again ... what users need to do is touch or update some data in a found set. Lets say you have 25 students in a class list and you have to mark the ones that are going on a field trip. Only 15 are going ... a number of ways that people currently do this, But one is to find only those 15 students and then run a script that does whatever its supposed to add them to the field trip.


    But if we had this capability then it would open up all kinds a great user experience interaction - not to mention that it is a pattern that has been around since the mouse was invented and I was learning how to shift click way back when.


    Along with that we could get a way to really show a proper highlight. Right now if I wanted the row to show up as a dark blue to really clearly demonstrate that the RECORD was indeed selected ... I would be at a loss because I have no way to also alter the color of the fields on that RECORD ... so if the fields on that record have a black color we have to revert to using conditional formatting to be able to invert the color.


    Maybe its as simple as something like using system formats - maybe use the system formats for this. Because when I am in the finder and the text is black but I then select the file the selection is in dark blue and the text is in white - the goal is for me to not have to do anything and it just works as one would expect it to. Right now I am constantly fighting to get it to work the intuitive way.


    Attached is an example ... if I user could command click on 3 rows that they spot - then comes the really great part of way I am posting this request.


    Then give us functions on the selected items


    Get the IDs of the selected items

    Go to related records for the selected items

    Loop for .. over the selected items


    Lots of really cool things that this could provide ...