More affordable networking or working on multi devices (FM GO for desktop, networkable runtime)

Idea created by intex on Oct 28, 2015

    Synching is everywhere and people are used to get that feature for zero, built in. It´s nothing special anymore. People expect it to be there and it is there everywhere. See the appstores.


    Not so with FileMaker. To use a solution with more than one seat, you have to make an investment of at least 800 Euros (coming from a runtime) for two FM Pros or you have to buy a Server with Webdirect connections which is even more expensive. People just shake their heads about that, especially in smaller, budget aware companies.


    So what we need is


    • either a networkable runtime (can connect with five) or a server
    • and/or a runtime and PRO version with synch features
    • and/or Server with five connections included for 999.- Euros


    Today an upselling from a single user runtime to a network solution is kind of impossible. With these above mentioned options it would be possible. And then the market for FileMaker as whole could explode.