Faster Wan Performance

Idea created by vince.menanno on Oct 28, 2015

    A solution is great over the LAN for the most part - it also greatly depends on how the solution is created.


    But it seems to me that once a solution goes outside the LAN and gets accessed through the WAN, thats when we see a dramatic change in performance. Lately the way we have been dealing with this is to architect solutions very deliberately to work better over a WAN. More work and more attention to detail but the results have been great. Wish we did to have to do that and wish there a similar performance for both of these.


    At Pause on Error Last year I posted a feature request session... and had people use up 30 points to vote on different things. Matt Navarre said to me "I would like to use up all my points and vote on one thing - FASTER PERFORMANCE" ...