Custom crash reports

Idea created by TonyWhite on Oct 28, 2015
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    Based on the template here: Product Ideas

    A summary of your idea:
    Custom crash reports.

    Many software companies implement custom crash reports. Considering, for the moment just OS X, the operating system that seems to have the highest market share as the primary development environment in the FileMaker community....

    When a crash occurs on OS X, a file a .crash file is created at a known location.

    To implement a custom crash report the FileMaker application would, on launch:

    • check the .crash folder for new files that match a pattern
    • if matching files are found, present a dialog (that can be customized to gather whatever information is most useful) to the user
    • The contents of the .crash file and the information gathered in the dialog would be immediately sent directly to FMI

    Why this idea is important to you:
    The higher the percentage of crash reports that are sent to FMI, and the more complete the information, the easier it is for FMI to track down and fix crashing bugs. The fewer crashing bugs the better for us all.

    Specific use cases you are looking to solve:

    Currently submitting a crash report directly to FMI is a manual process. The more effort involved...the less likely crash reports will be sent.

    If developers click on the “Send to Apple” the crash report will “eventually” get to FMI. A custom crash report would (if implemented) be sent Immediately.

    Many developers and user do not know what happens when they click the rather impersonal “Send to Apple” button, and will chose to invest their time and effort elsewhere. See here for background:

    Crash Report for FileMaker Pro Advanced 14 - 2 questions
    Crash Report for FileMaker Pro Advanced 14 - 2 questions

    A custom crash report would be:

    • Faster (Immediate vs. “eventually”)
    • Better (more targeted information from the dialog)
    • Easier (for the customer)
    • More personal (you crashed and we care enough to make it easy for you to tell us what happened)

    More crash reports = fewer crashes = fewer crash reports!