Tools for responsive layouts

Idea created by intex on Oct 29, 2015



    Since the Web is  becoming mobile, there is a need for websites that fit on the small screens of smartphones and tablets. The same is now happening to software and apps - see universal apps in Windows 10 and iOS apps that have to work on iPhone, iPad mini and iPad Pro.


    Of course you can build versions, screens and layouts for every possible device, but this is too much work. Responsiveness is the answer - one layout that automatically fits on small, medium and large screens. In the Web you get that as a developer with frameworks such as Bootstrap.


    There is a need for a similar technique in FileMaker.




    I suggest a tool for setting up responsive rows and columns in FileMaker layouts.


    First you define the row like you draw a register or slider on a layout. For this row you can define how many columns it should have. Smallest width for a column would be defined by the smallest possible device, something like 480px.


    In this smallest width now the user can insert other FileMaker content like he does in registers and sliders. So all in all it wouldn´t change much in the layout workspace.


    But on the browse front it would be completely new. Let´s say, we defined a row with three columns. On the iPhone this would show up as three blocks beneath each other. On a small tablet we would get the first two columns on one row, the third row beneath. On a wide screen notebook we would have three columns of 480px width next to each other in one row. And on a large desktop screen we would still have three columns in one row, but the columns would grow to the given space. All this setup changes dynamically if a) the window is resized or b) the orientation of the device is changed.


    Prerequisite would be, that layouts with responsive rows would have no fixed right border in layout mode.




    We developers could use this technique on any layout and would save hours/tons of work. There would be no need for three separate layouts anymore, if you want a nice modern, mobile solution.