Group resource management console

Idea created by user4896 on Oct 29, 2015
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
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    We have number of resources available on the server. I am talking about Filemaker sessions, WebDirect session, CWP Session, ODBC Session, Storage space for files, Number of database files on the server.


    The server today is built the user to have free access  to all the resources that are on the server, You can run server side scripts if you want to, nobody will stop you. You can store millions of files in you single database file and consume all storage space on the server,


    Well servers might be shared within an company. A department might overuse the server properties and stop other departments from using the server as expected. Another server might be used for commercial hosting with users sharing the same hardware och FileMaker Server license.


    The problem

    As manager of a server today I can not stop users from overusing a resource on the server. If department  A is supposed to use a maximum of 10 concurrent licenses and department B use a maximum of 5 concurrent users, there is no way to stop a department from using all 15 concurrent licenses.  The same problem goes for storage space, server side scripts and a lot of other resources.


    Suggested solution

    The current groups on the FileMaker Server can be used to allocate concurrent session, storage space, server side scripts etc, Files belonging to a group should not be able to exceed the allotted amount of resources. Server managers would be able to know how much resources that a group a files are allowed to consume from the server.


    The log files from the server should contain a new category that is sharing information. The group limitations limitation errors can be communicated here.



    It will becomes easier for managers to show departments their needs capacity on the server.

    It will be easier to communicate the need of another new FileMaker server.

    Costs can be distributed to the correct system owner

    Companies the provides hosted services can charge more correctly

    More solutions and FileMaker licenses can be sold