Get ( ButtonRepetition )

Idea created by jrenfrew Expert on Oct 29, 2015


    when you click a button you have to hard code any parameter to the called script, which means that if you re-order the segment then you have to edit the button set-up for each segment you wish to change



    Get ( ButtonRepetition ) would function in the same way as Get ( ActivePortalRow ) and return the number of the button segment so allowing increased abstraction in scripts by passing it as a parameter to a called script. This could also be used for those of us who like binary maths for variables and tick boxes...


    Get ( ButtonLabel ) could also pass the value of a button text label, calculated or not, to the called script.

    This could mean a row of buttons could contain the numbers 1, 3, 5, 8 for say delivery dates from today, and run one script having passed it a parameter based on the button position or the button label value