Register for Notifications

Idea created by vince.menanno on Oct 29, 2015

    Different than what I just posted ... in that this would be managed by something on the server. So here is the use case.


    I am a busy manager at a graphics design shop. I am track progress on different projects. I might not have FIleMaker open all the time or if it is it might be in the background. When I create a new project I would like to register somewhere that I would like to be notified when the client approves the proposal. The idea here is that the user can go about their regular work and then at some point, a notification shows up ( cool if it could show up on any device that I would be using ). So if I was on my mac an OS notification comes up to tell me that Project 43748 has been approved by the client. If I click on the notification it opens up FileMaker ( FM Go on the phone or iPad ) and take me directly to the project or area that I would normally go.


    I think this could open up all kinds of opportunities for innovation.


    Notify me when a new X is created

    Notify me when we reach $$$ in sales

    Notify me when user XYZ logs in


    Etc etc...