Synchronize Themes by NAME as well as internal ID (just as styles are)

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Oct 30, 2015
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    Late Breaking News


    It has come to light (2016-02-01) that fm14 already supports synchronising styles by name, although this fact is not well known to developers! Thank you FMI!


    Moreover FMP still also synchronises styles by internal ID - which means it is possible to


    • Update renamed styles across files.
    • Synchronize styles which have been created independently in two files, so long as they have identical names.


    I have thus amended the title of this idea to reflect this situation.




    My Idea is that themes and styles should work in an understandable manner:


    Synchronizing Theme A in File A to FileB should update "StyleA", if it is present (and of the same type) in both files.


    Currently FMIs implementation of Themes and Styles does sadly not live up to their goals of simplicity, and WYSIWYG.Particularly, synchronizing themes between files does not work in an understandable way, because it relies on internal UUIDs to match styles, which are different if the same style is created in two different files: "StyleA" in "ThemeA" of "FileA" will have a completely different internal ID than "StyleA" in "ThemeA" of "FileB"





    Use Cases


    1. Developing a multi-file solution with multiple developers

    DeveloperA is working on the master file which contains the master version of the theme being developed.

    DeveloperB is applying a slightly older version of the theme to FileB.

    DeveloperB calls DeveloperA and says I need a new style "InputFieldRight" for number fields.

    -> Both developers create the style in their files

    -> When the Theme is updated later the style InputFieldRight" should be updated and NOT reset!