security - drag'n drop - new function Get ( TriggerTargetField )

Idea created by ArminEgginger on Oct 30, 2015

    There is a big security issue for us, because we can't control the field modifications, if the users use the drag'n drop function.

    The layout object fires the onModify trigger if the field value is modified with a drag'n drop function.

    We don't have the possibility to control this issue and can't get the TargetField name of the modified field.

    For Example: User have the cursor active in Field A. The user use a Value from Field A and put it with drag'n drop in Field B. Field B fires the onModify trigger and the get(active....) Function only gives a reference to Field A but no reference to Field B!

    So there is no way to control this issue and we have a lot of trouble.


    We love drag'n drop and don't want to switch this off. Also the user can switch it on again and we can't control it.