Auto-entry on related table

Idea created by fitch on Oct 30, 2015
    • fitch
    • François Goulet
    • BeatriceBeaubien
    • Draco
    • Markus Schneider

    Enable an option for auto-entry fields to update when a record is modified in a related table. I think the relationship dialog would be the logical place to put this. See image for implementation idea.



    In particular I'm interested in updating the modification date of a parent record when its child records are modified. E.g., I have Case records that must be exported for reporting whenever the Case is modified. A Case has related Labs, Contacts, etc. When a Lab is added or modified, I'd like the Case modification date to change as well so that it will be found when the report script runs.


    I'm aware there are methods to achieve this, but I want a simpler, reliable way to do it.