Support of OS-Level default printer

Idea created by Fred(CH) on Nov 2, 2015
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    • Markus Schneider
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    • Fred(CH)

    When the enduser is choosing the Print… menu command, FileMaker is suggesting the last used printer as a default, even if OS-level default printer is different. The same problem occurs when the user is performing a script including a Print step, where the developer hasn't specified a printer.


    This memory is set by file, so the only time where FM is taking care about OS default printer is when one create a new file and print for the first time.


    Actual behavior is annoying in particular when you have to set a particular printer for a specific script (e.g. for dymo labels) and then, the next time the default printer will be the Dymo printer on all other scripts.


    Known workarounds exist but are *sad* :

    1. Create a fake printer like "badaboum" and with custom menus, redirect the print command to a script where this fake printer is specified; then, clear the fake printer of you system and don't update your script.
    2. Buy a plug-in