Make Copy + Paste just work

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Nov 2, 2015

    The Idea is that


    • copy + paste is the most widely used + important function in FileMaker and
    • it should just work and not be full of pot-holes and exceptions, and thus
    • all the deficiencies in the copy+paste functionality in FileMaker shouldbe straightened out.


    Similarly the import.log file, which logs errors and warnings during some but not all paste and import operations, should also be extended to cover all paste operations equally and effectively



    If you do not know the problems, here is a little appetizer:



    In summary, FileMaker today only supports a fraction of the objects that we wish to transfer, and even then does not transfer those objects 100% correctly!


    This idea is a kind of pot where we can discuss the clipboard + show how important it is to us.


    The benefit


    • Hundreds of thousands of copy paste actions which today cause thousands of errors will in the future cause exactly zero errors.
    • Hundreds of thousands of hours manual work reentering layouts + layout parts + custom menus, etc. (and the % errors that come with it) will be saved
    • Young developers can just use copy + paste without having to go through the (painful) learning curve of pasting errors into many (customers) databases.
    • Less errors
    • Happier developers
    • Happier customers
    • More people using FileMaker happily


    The specific aims


    • Daily our developers need to copy functionality between master version and customers databases. We would like this to be more efficient and error free.
    • Daily we have to copy fields & functionality between files of our master database. The shortcomings particularly of copying+pasting field calculation context, import script step + layout tab order frequently lead to errors, which often go overlooked for some time before being noticed.
    • We love custom menus - they are great, they are necessary, they are unavoidable - and they are evil! I cannot count the unnecessary time + errors we spend for this on each new module.
    • etc. etc. etc.


    Thanks + happy pasting!