Make FileMaker more modular

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Nov 2, 2015

    The Idea


    It should be easier to create modular building blocks with FileMaker, that easily and loosely fit together.


    This requires several extensions to FileMaker, which are all posted here as individual ideas :


    1. Loose / modular / improved script calls
    2. Loose connection to other files
    3. Loose (or no) connection to layout fields
    4. Loose connection to sort order
    5. Loose connection to tables/TOs/PTOs/fields
    6. Define and Transfer Modules/Groups of Functionality




    Only TOGETHER do they lead to a truly modular, synergetic FileMaker experience.


    Use Cases


    Please see the separate Ideas for further benefits and use cases, but vote them up as a package here!


    Happy modular FileMaking




    ... and do suggest other modular FileMaker Ideas that can be linked to below


    [EDIT]: 2018-08-20 MrW: Restructured + updated to reflect changes in the FM product and new ideas