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Idea created by dburnham on Nov 2, 2015
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    My principal motivation for submitting something in this new space is my desire to have the FileMaker Advanced product become more differentiated from FileMaker Pro in terms of the production efficiency and more robust tools for development.  A developer's time is his/her primary (if not only) cost-of-goods-sold.  Managing time is critical to profitability.  If it is true (and I think it is) that FileMaker's future is linked to the development of attractive, well-engineered "apps" that perform on computers, mobile devices and the Web, then more consideration should be given to the primary tool that developers rely on to create those solutions:  FileMaker Advanced.


    I have been accumulating a long list of things that could be considered "ideas" as a general description of what they are.  I have broken them down into 3 groups that are nearly equal in size.  I admit I have given greater emphasis to the functionality of existing tools than the invention of new, cool enhancements.

    1. Features that do not exist in the current version and which I would like to see added in the future
    2. Features that already exist in the current version and need further work to make them perform as expected
    3. Features that exist in the current version but cannot be used as expected because of a defect


    Rather than post 107 separate items in this new FBA space, I have attached my PDF list.  Some of these items are illustrated with screen captures.


    If the enhancements I'm asking for also require that I pay a higher price for FileMaker Advanced, I won't object because (1) it will quickly pay for itself and (2) it will reinforce the value that FileMaker developers bring to their clients if price is a greater obstacle for "ordinary" users.


    (Note:  FileMaker Advanced is not even listed as one of the categories to be checked, which I think is symptomatic of the way the product is viewed by FileMaker as being the same as FileMaker Pro.  It's NOT! )