Slider bar field control style

Idea created by jbante on Nov 2, 2015

    Slider bars are a common data entry device in user interfaces across all platforms FileMaker deploys to. I'd like to see this as a field control style for entering numeric data selectable in the same way as pop-up menus and checkbox sets. The configuration options might include:

    • Minimum and maximum values (including options to label extreme values as positive or negative infinity, though the actual represented value would need to be a finite number).
    • Discrete (i.e. snapping to scale tick marks) vs continuous values.
    • Sublinear (e.g. square root or logarithmic) vs. linear vs. super-linear (e.g. quadratic or exponential) scale. This may only need to be an option for continuous scales if discrete scales get...
    • Value and label settings for each tick mark.
    • Scale origin at center of slider vs. left edge vs. right edge.