Data Viewer behavior, functions and appearance

Idea created by dburnham on Nov 2, 2015
    • Markus Schneider
    • dburnham

    The behavior and appearance of the Data Viewer should resemble the other calculation dialogs.  This change should also include:

    • the number of clicks necessary to insert an operator should be consistent.  It's always been 2 clicks, just like the insertion of anything else into a calculation.  For some reason, in the Script Workspace, only 1 click is needed for inserting an operator which often results in an unintended one that has to be deleted.
    • Text search and replace should be available in the Data Viewer
    • We should be able tot enlarge the area where Evaluation results are shown to see more than a few lines of a result.
    • It should be possible to choose between entering fields with or without their table names, to simplify creation of SQL queries.