Script step favorites

Idea created by dburnham on Nov 2, 2015

    Make the Script Step Favorites able to retain the script steps, or groups of script steps, the way you have actually written them.  Very little benefit exists by simply making duplicates of native script steps that do not have options chosen.


    For example, I very often want to insert a series of script steps that begins with Show Custom Dialog and is followed by the IF and ELSE IF steps necessary to handle the Last Message Choice option.  It would be better to have this entire group of steps handled a s a "favorite" that can be dragged into the script all at once.


    Skilled developers make frequent use of many dozens of script steps.  Unless your specified "favoritism" includes the options and neighboring steps, there's no point to having favorites the way they are now, especially since you can so easily get to step you want just by typing a few shorthand characters.