Automatically Omit No Access Records from Found Set

Idea created by SteveNoble on Nov 3, 2015

    Summary of my Idea


    Automatically Omit Records that user has no access from Found Set


    When users log on with a privilege set with limited record access, the records they don’t have access to display as “No Access”.


    Developers can run scripts to omit “non access records”. However, 3 issues still remain.


    1. Omit scripts are extra overhead for the developer and have to be run each and every time a user performs a find. All find activities must be overwritten by the developer.
    2. The “All records” in the status areas shows all records in the database including records the user does not have access to. The user should not be able to see the count of all records.
    3. Each time the user performs a find and sort, FileMaker does a find on all records including records the user has no access to. That is a performance hit


    Imagine a database with 100k records. A user logs on with access to only a few hundred records. FileMaker is working with 100k when it only needs to work with a few hundred records.


    The Solution is the create a “Session all records” When a user logs on with a privilege set that has limited record access, FileMaker Creates a found set of records that includes only the records that the user has access to. That found set of records becomes the “All Records” and remains that way till the user logs off. The “All Records” in the status area would display the total for the records the user has access to. Not all records in the database. All finds performed by the user during the session would only search the records the user would have access to. The "Session all records" would have no effect on other users.


    Why this is important to me.

    We are encouraging customers to log on and see their orders and their past history. Most customers have only a few dozen to a few hundred records in a database of several hundred thousand records.


    Specific Use Cases

    Extending FileMaker to my customers using web direct. Web direct is one area where the ratio of large total records vs small user session records would apply. The greater that ratio the more relevant this issue is.



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