Allow to programatically access all properties of objects

Idea created by golife on Nov 3, 2015
    • woz
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    • golife
    • michaellechthaler

    Instead of being limited in accessing all properties of objects - depending on the list of properties a type of object might have - I see no reasons why it is possible to manually change them using mouse and keyboard, but not using scripts. It would give us scripters so much more freedom.


    Why not SET and GET whatever property might be there?


    Instead of using bizarre ways of defining conditional formatting not even being able to define colors using globals or getting such values from elsewhere, there should be a free way-


    All objects - wherever they are - could receive a unique serial number, and the user can give each of them a name (unique within a layout), and then it should be accessible on any layout. Then there is no need to follow the relationship graph. Also position and size would become something we could define in scripts. Why not? If I could  resize most objects using the mouse, and a script would just do the same, repeatedly, and I could programatically build layouts once defined, or make them the way I as a developer want - using templates, or copying and pasting using scripts, or changing whatever I want within the limits of FileMaker of course, life would be SO MUCH EASIER ).