Hierarchical controls/portals - reflecting the BIG BANG

Idea created by golife on Nov 3, 2015

    The world is full of hierarchies. While working with FileMaker we select from hierarchical menus all the time. Directories are hierarchical. And the business world is full of hierarchies of types, products, levels of all kinds. Life has a hierarchical structure starting with the top node - the BIG BANG).


    It is not easy to build hierarchies using FileMaker. There are some work-arounds and solutions, but they are far from easy to build and manage and deploy. Why is this so? Why could there not be a widget/control/object that simply reflects hierarchies in various visual ways and can be fed with data which are hierarchical in their nature - either coming from a self-referencing bill of materials, or from a ordered sort, of a hierarchical numbered list, or from imported XML or JSON format, or from any outside data source.


    Why should an easy-to-use database application program not be able to natively reflect one of the most important aspects of real life visualizing and processing hierarchical structures? The portal could be extended to allow this. Or a new control is used which expands depending on feeding it with data. And there should and would be ways to easily navigate it, collapse or expand its nodes, or move nodes around.


    There are lots of libraries presenting far advances concepts in doing this for JavaScript or other languages.


    In FileMaker it could represent a directory, or any other tree,-like structure with icons up to our choice, or something visually nice, and fields could be attached, or text, notes, and whatever. They could be associated with lists of portals, or be free representing hierarchical button menus (without having to resort to work-around's).


    We could have a choice of designing the visual representation (as we already do with popovers or sliders...). They are a very important aspect at least in business life, but I guess so everywhere, in science, arts, education, cultural life, personal affairs, and whatever we may think about. And all FileMaker applications would greatly profit from such widget and really enrich them.